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Pacific Australia Labour Mobility

PALM scheme is a government-driven labour mobility initiative that targets critical labour shortages of the Australian regional business.


The scheme empowers the “Approved Employers (AEs)” as trusted participants of the programme, enabling them to plan, recruit, and train their long-term workforce from the participating countries.


Key benefits

full-term committed employment 
Cost-efficient training & personnel management
Easy access to thousands of Pacific talents
Tailored workforce for your business

2022 means even more special.

From April 2022, Former Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) have been consolidated into one stream governed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Each programme will continue to exist as in short-term and long-term stream within the scheme, aiming to fulfill their original purposes. (Short-term up to 9 months, long-term up to 4 years)

Approved Employer (AE) under the scheme

The scheme only allows PALM scheme workers to be employed by Approved Employers (AEs).

As an Approved Employer (AE), Whales Regional Workforce is responsible for;


Full time employment for entire visa period

Travel and mobilisation costs

Initial settlements of the cohort – accommodations, transportations, banking, health insurance, mobile plans, and other arrangements for living

General welfare assistance

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