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What is

Our question is,

Will regional business pick up again as nothing happened?

COVID-19 strikes,
students are stranded overseas,
border is not yet fully open.
Introducing Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme, 
What is PALM scheme?

Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme is the Australian government's initiative to resolve chronic labour shortages in Australia, especially in the primary sectors that heavily relies on human / manual labour.

As an Approved Employer (AE) under the scheme, Whales Regional Workforce is more than confident in shooting your staffing concerns with long-term committed workforce.

Not only the staff, also our tailored HR service package comes to you to enrich efficiency and productivity at your business.

So many successful stories out there,
why not in your business?

Numbers don't lie,

Majority of host organisations appreciate their improved productivities thanks to the PALM scheme talents.

Based on numerous researches and real world statistics,

PALM scheme workers score approximately 22% more productivities in all aspects, and those returning talents give you 12% more efficiency on top of that. (Ball.R., 2015)

Ball. R. 2015. Pacific Labour Mobility & Australia's Seasonal Worker program: Opportunities, Impediments and Potential

The scheme gets even more powerful from April 2022.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announces a number of major changes in the current Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme. (PLS)

Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS), the current two major parts of PALM scheme, soon will be consolidated into a single stream to allow easier access for business owners and potential approved employers.  

Moreover, the visa/stay period will also be extended up to 4 years in order to maximise the benefits of the scheme, for both employers and workers.


Key benefits of the scheme

Long-term Permanent employment at lower cost

Up to 3 years

of committed permanent employment

(4 years from April 2022)

Cost efficiency grows exponentially

Full integration to your management


workforce management

Consolidated communication channel

ensuring a seamless integration to your business

Better work commitment & reliability


selection criteria

Character & health assessment, language & communication skills

Rich resources and support from the government


assistance from DFAT & Pacific Labour Facility (PLF)

24/7 welfare hotline,
vast network amongst participating parties,

government-wise assistance in skill development

Plus, Australian Agriculture visa. (AA visa)

On 30th September 2021, Australian government announced the commencement of long-awaited Agriculture visa for South-East Asian countries.

This visa aims to further mitigate temporary / seasonal labour shortage in primary sectors such as agriculture, meat processing, and aquaculture.

The participating countries from the first phase has been listed as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and more South-East Asian countries will be joining soon.

As an Approved Employer, Whales Regional Workforce is eligible to sponsor this visa as well as the PALM scheme.

Can my business access
PALM scheme Workers?

Our PALM workers are dedicated to take any kind of jobs,
but there are something you should know.

Since the scheme is designed to deliver a fast-acting solution in designated sectors where more urgent, 

host organisations who intend to access the workers have to meet eligibility requirements.

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