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A warm welcome to Mr. Apolosi Ranawai Lasei, our new employment service coordinator.

We're thrilled to introduce Mr. Apolosi Ranawai Lasei, who joins the Whales team as our new Employment Service Coordinator from this week. As we extend our warmest welcome to Apolosi, let's take a moment to learn about his valuable perspective and expertise.

Apolosi came aboard to support our PALM workers, ensuring that Whales complies the requirements of the PALM deed and also to maintain and grow our relationship with its host employers. Apolosi will initially be based at our Dandenong office, while his expertise will of course be shared around all of Whales’ sites.

Mr. Apolosi Lasei will play a pivotal role as a "gatekeeper" of the compliance framework at Whales.

"As a proud Pacific national, nothing brings me more joy than seeing PALM workers thrive in Australia. Their successes inspire me, and now my role at Whales allows me to directly contribute to their success." says Apolosi.

He believes effective communication starts with listening and aims to bridge gaps as a mediator in his position. Apolosi also emphasizes the importance of acceptance through cultural pride, hard work, and confidence.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Apolosi as he looks forward to meeting our workers at the workplace very soon.

Welcome, Apolosi!

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