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Another living room for employees - Whales Workforce office transformation!

Whales Workforce office transformation!

Now Whales employees are happy when they're called into the office.

We have transformed our Swan Hill office into a social and learning hub for our workers, creating a homey environment that employees look forward to visiting, to have fun.

Always online for you.

Our office now offers high-speed internet for everyone, addressing challenges of connectivity in regional Australia. This enhancement supports the climate of Whales employees' e-learning and self-administrations, allowing them to access online resources and services autonomously.

Creating Unity in a Comfortable Setting

We've transformed the reception area into a comfortable living room designed to unite colleagues, nurturing a feeling of home and kinship. Equipped with a large-screen TV that provides access to various streaming services, including live Rugby game broadcasts, this space serves as a focal point for shared moments.

A Win-Win Approach

The initiative clearly showcases the path Whales is taking in terms of caring for our employees. It's not solely about providing one-sided benefits; it's a shared investment. By fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, Whales ensures that employees understand they have a second home, another family in Australia, ready to support them when needed.

More "home away from home" to follow, so stay tuned and meet us there!


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