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Keitou loloma na Swan Hill - 9 Whales PALM Workers officially joined Swan Hill CFA!

At Whales, we are deeply committed to supporting the success of our employees, both as a cohesive team and as individuals pursuing their goals.

Following the recap post of last financial year where our PALM employees in Swan Hill and their love for the community were introduced, we are thrilled to share the incredible updates of their success.

9 of Whales PALM employees have devoted nearly a year to equipping themselves and undergoing rigorous training to become an integral part of the esteemed CFA Swan Hill in Victoria.

This achievement is a significant milestone as it marks the first instance of PALM workers successfully completing firefighter training. The momentous occasion was celebrated in conjunction with a combined church service organised by the Methodist Church of Fiji in Australia, which united communities in the North/Central Victoria and NSW border regions. Whales proudly sponsored this service as part of our ongoing commitment to community engagement and empowering our PALM employees.

On the significant date of 2nd June 2023, a group of dignified guests convened to solemnly celebrate and extend sincere congratulations to our 9 workers on their momentous graduation. Among those in attendance were the esteemed CFA Swan Hill chief, Whales director Julie, and our regional manager, Mr. Kaminieli Veibataki, whose exceptional leadership has consistently nurtured robust connections between our team and the community.

" I am very proud with the dedication and commitments given by our workers to the weekly program with CFA, the SES flood appeal and Harmony Day events. The support that they get from the local Fijian community, CFA officers, church groups and event organisers bring home closer to them. Communal living is what defines their culture and being involved in community-based activity makes the environment all too familiar for them. This is their little token of appreciation for being allowed to be part of the community and I am sure that Swan Hill do appreciate their contribution and presences.", Mr. Veibataki adds.

We wholeheartedly congratulate our 9 workers on their remarkable achievement. Their unwavering dedication and perseverance, coupled with the support provided by the Whales team, have played a vital role in this extraordinary success.

This accomplishment is a testament to the resilience, determination, and spirit of our PALM employees, highlighting our shared commitment to excellence and community involvement. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and eagerly anticipate their continued growth and success within the CFA and beyond.

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