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Whales on Tour: Information Session – Queensland Edition

At Whales HQ, we don't believe in dull and mundane employee events.

We take comprehensive approach to keeping our Whales workers “Job-ready” for the Australian Employment.

Our dedication to delivering accurate knowledge led us to organise an unforgettable forum in Queensland, where we brought together our PALM workers from the Ipswich area.

A team of 40 excelling employees, of which 10 members just passed their one-year milestone with Whales and 30 fresh faces joining the team in May 2023, was gathered for this perfect opportunity to be equipped with the knowledge they needed to thrive.

Touring across the country like a Rock Star, our General Manager, Mr. Mario Marinelli, took it upon himself to make the event truly remarkable. Clearing his schedule for the weekend, he eagerly met and chatted with our dedicated meat workers in Ipswich, Queensland. Who knew employment relations could be this exciting?

And the Fun Begins! The excitement didn't end with the informative presentation and engaging discussions. In return for their precious time and interests in this event, we added a dash of anticipation to the mix. With mouths watering from a delicious meal and refreshments, attendees eagerly awaited the announcement of the lucky winner of a $200 valued gift card. Talk about a "meaty" reward!

The event was an absolute triumph. Not only did our dedicated employees leave with smiles on their faces, but they also gained a newfound confidence in their rights and entitlements under the Australian Employment Relations. Whales HQ couldn't be prouder of the participation and enthusiasm shown by everyone during our first information session in Queensland.

At Whales HQ, we're committed to finding even more innovative ways to engage and connect with our incredible employees. We'll seize every opportunity to develop our competencies and enhance our team's performance as a whole.

We believe that learning doesn't have to be dull. By delivering the latest and most accurate information on Australian Employment Relations, we turned a simple forum into a celebration-like experience for our PALM workers in Queensland. The event left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, and we're grateful for the time and enthusiasm our employees, and we're thrilled to continue exploring new ways to engage and connect with our remarkable team. Stay tuned for the next thrilling gathering!


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