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Whales Workforce Australia Manufacturing Week 2023

Who We Are

PALM Labour Hire Whales Victoria

“Making employees happy makes the employers happy.”

Whales Workforce is committed to grasping not only the tangible elements of the productive workforce but also the invisible factors critically contributing to the employers’ value generation, the motivation and work ethics.

We design, place your workforce, and manage their competencies and wellness of them, in order to provide more values that exceeds the value of your labour cost.

Being an Approved Employer (AE) under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility [PALM]

Being an Approved employer under the PALM scheme indicates our commitment to ethical recruitment practices. It involves utmost compliance to all regulations, providing safe working conditions, and offering a fair workplace that everyone is equal.

This recognition improves our reputation and lets us access quality workforce from the Pacific countries, promoting diversity and contributing to the mutual growth of the Southern-Pacific clusters.

Business certifications & accreditations

We stress our commitment to excellence, quality, and ethical business practices. That's why we have pursued a variety of certifications and accreditations from reputable organisations across various industries. These certifications and accreditations not only validate our skills and expertise but also provide assurance to our clients that we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability. We are proud to showcase our achievements and share with you how they contribute to the value and trustworthiness of our services.

Labour Hire
Licensing Act (2018)

  • Licenced in Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria (Acts in force)

  • Services available nationwide Australia

Organisation for standardisation (ISO)

  • ISO:9001 Quality Management

  • ISO:14001 Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO:45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Labour Hire
Labour Hire
Labour Hire

Pacific Australia
Labour Mobility

  • Approved Employer (AE) Since 2021​

    • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)

Labour Hire PALM Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Approved Employer
Whales HRM Model Value-driven approach
Labour Hire Strategic HR Framework of Whales Workforce

Our HR management approach creates a sustainable cycle for your organisation and employees by bilaterally integrating values, promoting a positive work environment, and maximising productivity.

Expect higher employee loyalty, productivity, and collective synergy with our value-driven approach. Partner with us for a sustainable HRM approach that benefits your org long-term.

Our Core Values

We have been fortifying our competencies and knowledge upon the fundamentals below:

Labour Hire


Labour Hire


Labour Hire


Labour Hire

Mutual growth

Labour Hire

Collaboration / teamwork

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