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In the dynamic landscape of workplace relations laws in Australia, achieving compliance with regulatory requirements poses a significant challenge for businesses.

At Whales, our unwavering commitment to providing reliable, compliant, and efficient labour hire services is at the core of our operations, driving our clients' success in achieving their organisational goals.

Food Processing

Whales Workforce PALM scheme Labour Hire Food Processing
Whales Workforce Labour Hire Victoria PALM scheme Meat Processing

The Australian food processing industry is a competitive and expanding sector with stringent safety and regulatory standards. Long-term workforce placements are preferred by many businesses in this field to ensure consistency and cost-effectiveness in training. Whales Workforce offers tailored long-term workforce coordination services that meet the unique needs of the food processing industry.

Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide a competent, industry-compliant workforce. Our comprehensive recruitment process selects the most suitable candidates for long-term placement, ensuring workforce reliability and consistency.

Our commitment to safety and quality service has made us the preferred choice for Australian food processing enterprises. The Whales team has vast experience in the industry, having placed hundreds of professionals across Australia, specializing in food processing. Partner with Whales Workforce for a dependable, regulatory-compliant, and consistent long-term workforce.

(Agriculture / Horticulture / Viticulture / Pasture)

Whales Workforce Labour Hire Victoria PALM scheme Agriculture

The Australian agriculture industry demands a reliable and time-sensitive workforce to ensure a successful harvest season. At Whales Workforce, we understand the importance of having a committed and dependable workforce throughout the peak seasons.

Our rigorous selection criteria involve screening candidates who possess a strong work ethic, professionalism, and motivation to work in the agriculture industry. With our commitment to supplying reliable and dedicated workers, we are confident that we can help you fulfill your harvest needs and growth in the Australian agriculture industry.


Whales Workforce Labour Hire Victoria PALM scheme Manufacturing Construction

In the Australian manufacturing industry, Work Health and Safety (WHS) is of utmost importance and having a dedicated and comprehending workforce is crucial to maintain safe and productive operations. At Whales Workforce, we recognise the significance of comprehension in work health and safety and prioritize it in our recruitment process. We ensure that our workforce have a thorough understanding of the Australia's safety frameworks and practices before they commence work.

By screening and selecting physically fit and competent candidates, we ensure that our workforce can work safely and productively in any manufacturing lines. Our stringent selection criteria and focus on safety and long-term placement make us the ideal partner for businesses in the Australian manufacturing industry.

Not your industry? 
Not a problem.

The team of HR experts at Whales can provide workforce insights and customised coordination services to any industries and business.

Start planning your dream team with Whales today!

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