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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which industries is Whales specialised and offering the PALM recruitment services?​

Whales Workforce's PALM recruitment service provides a valuable solution for employers seeking to fill seasonal work placements in various sectors, including agriculture and tourism, under the PALM scheme. Our experienced team can assist with the recruitment process and ensure compliance with the scheme's regulations, including the limitation of seasonal placements to nine months. We also provide support for employers looking to transition workers into higher-skilled or longer-term roles. Partnering with Whales Workforce can help you efficiently and effectively navigate the PALM recruitment process and secure the workers you need for your business.

  • Which streams of the PALM scheme can be supported by Whales? And what is the difference between SWP and PLS?

Whales Workforce is proud to be an approved employer for both short-term and long-term streams under the newly consolidated PALM scheme, which includes the former Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS). This government-led initiative was established to address labour shortages in Australia's primary sector, with the SWP catering to short-term workforce needs, and the PLS addressing long-term workforce requirements in skill development industries.

As of 2023, the PALM scheme will provide an enhanced and streamlined recruitment process for employers, with improved procedural efficiencies resulting from the consolidation of the SWP and PLS. The program's accessibility and value will be improved for all participants, ensuring that both employers and workers can benefit from the scheme's potential.


Whales Workforce is well-equipped to assist employers in accessing the PALM scheme and can help them navigate the recruitment process. We offer a range of recruitment services to help our clients find the best workers to meet their needs, and our expertise in the field ensures that our clients can access a skilled workforce with ease. With our help, employers can benefit from the PALM scheme's expanded eligibility and streamline their recruitment process while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations

  • How long does it takes to see PALM workers onshore from the initiation of the recruitment?

The mobilisation process begins when Whales and clients communicate their labour requirements to the relevant government's labour sending units (LSUs). The LSUs assist and liaise the selection process to ensure that only suitable workers are brought on board.


The process continues with labour market testing, accommodation planning, and employment offer review. This phase sets the foundation for the workers' successful integration into the Australian workforce.


The visa application process can begin once all necessary preparations are made and approved. This step requires careful attention to ensure timely approval to adhere our mobilisation plan.

In summary, Whales Workforce's PALM service manages a comprehensive process to help Australian employers recruit spot-on workers. The process takes 8-12 weeks with all necessary documentation provided and is an essential component of the service.

  • Who needs to pay for the workers’ immigration and travel?

PALM employers cover the costs of workers' visas and submit visa applications on their behalf, while sending countries gather workers' documents to support this process. These expenses can be deducted once workers start working, following the Fair Work Act and PLS/SWP requirements.


The value of partnering with Whales shines at this point.

It drastically mitigates the initial recruitment/mobilisation costs for our client as well as there is no necessity to internally expand your recruiting / HR team further. Moreover, the ongoing management of the employment relations and statutory compliance (Fair Work, WorkSafe, and PALM) will be well looked after at the optimum cost-efficiency. The true meaning of peace of mind.

  • Are there any regional conditions applied to the PALM scheme recruitment?

PALM scheme approved employers are authorised to recruit workers in all regional and rural postcodes for a wide range of sectors, including accommodation, except for agriculture, which is available across the entirety of Australia

For detailed regional profiles and eligibilities, PALM scheme provides relevant information regarding postcode eligibility across Australia. Find more about it here:

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