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Hi, we're
Whales Regional Workforce,

We Keep Australia

Motivated workforce,
happy employers.

Whales Regional Workforce is a professional labour hire provider with a higher aim to present unparalleled quality of service offerings.

Whales Regional Workforce offers a fully integrated staffing solutions to the clients in the Australian meat and agri/horticulture sectors where the labour shortage has more significant impact by the industrial nature.




has a specific

blueprint in mind.

In order to prepare for the increasing influx of workers from overseas in the near future, we will maintain our leadership position in the industry and set a good example for our competitors.


​Whales Regional Workforce is confident because we deliver Australia's best workforce with our remarkable ability regarding management and innovation. 

We are ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities to pioneer future agricultural harvesting systems. We will gain new capabilities and expertise on the basis of our accomplishments in order to strengthen our competitive edge and continue innovating in the long term.

Secure your long-term workforce with Whales.

Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme -
As an approved employer under the scheme, Whales Regional Workforce is capable of sourcing and supplying the best suitable workforce for you.

Scheme Summary

Long-term committed employment

up to 4 years 

of committed full-time employment

Cost-efficient training and development

Remarkable workforce integration

Fully planned and programmed workforce for your business consists of experienced and qualified candidates

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