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Whales and PALM Community Information Event in Victoria.

The United Pasifika Council recently hosted the PALM Community Information Event in Footscray, and Clayton in line with the Grand Final weekend in Victoria. This event provided a platform for stakeholders within the scheme to engage with each other and the Pacific diaspora, gathering valuable feedback.

Ms. Julie Jung from Whales was granted a few minutes behind the podium, sharing our story and her insights as a PALM liaison officer.

PALM as the talk of the town.

With recent PALM scheme reforms, interest and curiosity have grown noticeably. The event served as a forum for attendees to ask questions, highlighting the scheme's increasing importance and influence within the Pacific Community.

Julie's presentation featured our management’s response framework, emphasizing the commitment to employee welfare at Whales throughout their stay in Australia.

Julie received widespread appreciation, especially during open discussions where attendees raised questions about Approved Employers' responsibilities, PALM workers' welfare, and challenges related to community acceptance of new members.

The forum increased awareness of the PALM scheme's assurance efforts and facilitated connections between businesses and the Pacific diaspora.

The community members' interest and dedication to such cooperation was remarkable, and we regard this as invaluable information for enhancing our employees' benefits.

Whales Workforce greatly appreciates the support from the Fijian Community Association Victoria, and Mr. Randall Prior from Uniting Church in Australia for a precious opportunity as the event went beyond showcasing our commitment to PALM workers; it also improved our business acumen. By engaging with the community and gathering feedback, we are better prepared to excel in the scheme and address future challenges with strong confidence.


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