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Fijian Liaison Officer to be appointed in Australia and New Zealand.

We're excited to share a positive progress regarding the PALM scheme – the establishment of the Country Liaison Officer (CLO) in Australia and New Zealand, as reported from Fiji.

This step holds great significance for us. The creation of the CLO role showcases the commitment to the welfare and protection of our Fijian workers involved in the scheme. It's a deliberate move to address potential gaps or challenges that may arise during their extended offshore employment.

The CLO's role extends beyond mere contact; it serves as a bridge connecting our workers to the legal frameworks of the sending countries. This presence aims to enhance communication, offer guidance, and ensure our workers are well-informed about their rights and responsibilities.

This initiative is rooted in recognising the intricate dynamics of labour mobility, impacting both individuals and nations. The establishment of the CLO role reiterates our commitment to collaborative efforts with host countries, creating an environment that benefits all stakeholders.

An abstract of the Country Liaison Officer's (CLO) role and the status of its development were mentioned by Professor Biman Prasad, Minister for Finance of the Fijian government.

As we embrace this news of the Fijian Liaison Officer's appointment, we anticipate further positive outcomes for our workers in Australia. This step perfectly aligns with our ethos of providing a secure, supportive, and mutually beneficial experience for our workers, strengthening relationships with their home countries in the process. We can’t wait to hear the upcoming updates on this news!


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