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A firm, solid baby step into the Whales team.

Whales is excited to share the story of our last induction for 30 new workers from Fiji.

This diverse group of individuals will contribute their valuable skills and talents to one of our esteemed clients based in Ipswich, Queensland.

The induction was guided by the directors and group managers from Whales, marked the beginning of a promising journey for these new cohorts as they embarked on their professional endeavours in Australia.

The induction process was meticulously designed to provide our new workers with a comprehensive understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the Australian workplace. With an array of speakers and informative modules, the event aimed to equip them with the knowledge necessary to navigate their employment journey successfully and confidently protect their rights. Whales understands the significance of a solid foundation and is committed to ensuring that all employees are aware of their entitlements and empowered to safeguard them.

Whales believes that learning is an ongoing process, and the induction program was just the first step. To foster a culture of continuous growth and development, Whales plans to organise information seminars throughout the year for all members under our organisation.

These seminars will serve as a platform for our workers to stay updated on the latest changes in the Australian workplace standards and regulations. By keeping our employees well-informed, we aim to empower them to excel in their roles and provide exceptional services to our clients which seamlessly aligns with our value-driven approach to the labour hire services.

Whales takes pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. The addition of workers not only enriches the cultural fabric of our organisation but also brings in a unique perspective and skillset. We recognise the immense value that individuals from different backgrounds contribute to our collective success.

Whales celebrates the successful induction of 30 workers from Fiji, marking an important milestone in their journey with us. Through a well-structured induction program, we have provided them with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their new roles.

Furthermore, Whales remains committed to supporting our workforce from all aspects of the PALM scheme, ensuring their awareness of the evolving workplace standards as well as the best experience in Australia under the program. We are confident that these initiatives will foster a positive and empowering work environment, enabling our employees to reach new heights of success. We look forward to welcoming more talented individuals and building a brighter future together.


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