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An honourable guest from Fiji - Whales hosts the minister's delegation.

Earlier this year, Whales had the distinct honour of welcoming the esteemed presence of the Honourable Agni Deo Singh, along with fellow secretaries from the Fijian government.

This momentous occasion took place at one of our client sites in Dandenong, Victoria, where approximately 100 Whales workers are currently employed.

The event was marked by constructive discussions, valuable feedback, and a delightful atmosphere, complemented by refreshments prepared jointly by Whales and the host client.

The meeting between the minister's delegation and Whales was characterised by engaging discussions and the exchange of constructive feedback. Both parties had the opportunity to share their insights and experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the scheme's benefits and the workers' overall experience. Whales takes pride in actively seeking feedback to continuously improve our welfare framework and provide the best possible support to our workforce.

A highlight of the event was the generous availability of the minister himself to personally engage with our valuable workers. The Honourable Agni Deo Singh took the time to connect with each individual, going beyond the surface to gain deeper insights into their experiences and the impact of the scheme on their lives. This direct interaction demonstrated the minister's commitment to understanding the ground-level realities and ensuring the scheme's effectiveness in benefiting the workers.

Whales, in collaboration with the host client, curated a welcoming and hospitable environment for the minister's delegation which provided a conducive setting for meaningful discussions. The partnership between Whales and the host client exemplified the shared commitment to creating a positive and productive workplace environment for our workers.

As an organisation, Whales always values collaboration, feedback, and hospitality, which were evident throughout the event. We remain committed to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for our workers and continuing our partnership with esteemed government representatives from both parties to ensure the well-being and success of everyone involved in our business and the PALM scheme.


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