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Meet Ray, the Director of Employee Welfare at Whales.

Ray has recently taken on the role of "Director of Employee Welfare," following his tenure as the "Director of Services & Operations." With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, he now oversees our welfare initiatives, ensuring the well-being of our valued team members.

At Whales Workforce, our commitment to our employees takes centre stage in every aspect of our operations. We firmly believe that the overall experience of our workforce, both inside and outside the workplace, clearly gets mirrored in their job satisfaction and performance.

This belief stems from the firsthand experiences of our directors, who have immersed themselves in diverse workplaces across Australia while working as international workers.

Building on this understanding, Whales team has formed a welfare division with the sole aim of elevating the employee experience to new heights. Emphasizing the significance of actions alongside words, our approach involves personal visits to our employees' regions and residences which our workers welcome and get stoked about.

last week, Ray embarked on a visit to our team of 20 PALM employees in Narrandera/Yanco, New South Wales. This group comprises half of the team mobilised last year, with the other half arriving in July to enhance productivity at our client's abattoir. Everyone welcomed him with warm handshakes as well as the best spot in their home couch.

The director is a dynamic leader, spearheading the development of our new welfare framework. Drawing from his own hands-on experience in the meat industry, he has implemented specific measures tailored to the unique needs of our workforce.

"As someone who has worked in the industry, I wholeheartedly understand the challenges and demands our PALM workers face daily. The physical rigor, early starts, and utmost importance of workplace health and safety are aspects that cannot be overlooked. We must bridge the gap between our workers and the head office to ensure they have the necessary resources to manage fatigue and stress effectively," explains Ray.

In his pursuit of a personalised approach, Ray places great emphasis on face-to-face consultations, especially when dealing with individuals or groups from diverse cultural backgrounds.

"While management could easily rely on email, text messages, or quick calls to complete welfare-related tasks, I believe my role as an employer is to think and act beyond that. It requires genuine engagement and consideration of how to improve and implement changes that truly benefit the team."

Misunderstandings arising from remote communication are a profound concern for PALM workers, which is why Mr. Cho decided to take matters into his own hands.

He personally travels to meet them, engaging in face-to-face interactions, making eye contacts, and, most importantly, ensuring they feel heard and cared for.

Ray's dedication knows no bounds when it comes to familiarising himself with our employees. He invests not mere hours but days, sometimes even more than a week, to seamlessly integrate newly joined teams into Whales' inclusive and nurturing work culture.

As per Ray's guiding principles, our uncompromising commitment lies in fostering authentic engagement with our employees, creating a supportive environment that encourages open discussions and constructive feedback.

“While our welfare approach may not boast cutting-edge communication tools or proximity to our entire workforce as of now, we firmly believe in its effectiveness and authenticity. We have chosen this path for those aspects, rooted in the fundamental principle of building trust, rather than relying solely on policies and procedures.”

“From my recent welfare trips, I have come to realise that even seemingly minor issues or challenges can escalate into significant welfare concerns. Moreover, I am also astonished to find that most of these small concerns can be swiftly resolved through face-to-face consultations on spot. I also enjoy meeting our workers and sharing sense of humour and some real talks. Then why would I hesitate to visit and spend more time hanging out with them?”


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