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Safety is first, whenever, wherever.

Ensuring the safety of our employees is our top priority, both at work and beyond.

Recently, we received a request from a group of our workers in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, who wanted to obtain their Victorian driver's license.

To assist them, our team at Whales HQ conducted research and discovered online modules that could help fulfill the necessary training requirements for the license.

Understanding the hardship in reaching digital resources, we transformed our meeting room in the Melbourne office into a digital workshop where interested workers could access the modules and receive support.

For those who are not very familiar to the digital platforms, we provided personalised guidance and support throughout their learning. By offering this supportive environment, we aimed to empower our workers to navigate the online landscape confidently.

We believe in supporting our employees' personal growth and well-being. By providing the resources and infrastructure they need, we empower them to develop new skills and overcome any challenges they may face. This initiative reflects our commitment to enabling them to have more lucrative experience in Australia and most importantly, their safety on the roads.

As we continue to prioritise safety and growth, we are proud to contribute to our workers' journey in obtaining what they want. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels supported and valued, fostering a culture of learning and achievement.

We are dedicated to providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere where our workers can thrive and reach their full potential. By embracing their unique needs and aspirations, we aim to make a positive impact on their lives and the communities we serve.


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