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Security on top of fairness: More pathways to permanent employment for casual workers to come.

The Australian government wants to help casual workers who work regular hours get better benefits and job security. They plan to redefine what it means to be a casual worker so that these workers can access leave entitlements and feel more financially stable.

Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke will explain more about this plan that Labor promised before the election.

The government believes that some employers take advantage of casual workers, treating them like regular employees without giving them job security.

The changes they propose mean that casual workers can choose to become permanent employees if they want to. They won't be forced into it or lose their current benefits. The idea is to give job security to those who need it, while still letting others keep the flexibility of casual work.

"Under the proposed plan, over 850,000 casual workers on regular hours would have the opportunity to transition to permanent employment status. In addition to that, it will serve to further protect such workforce's rights at their workplace by providing a clearer definition of "Casual Employment".

These changes will undo the rules set by the previous Coalition government, which were supported by a High Court decision. However, some parts of the current rules, like the requirement for employers to offer permanent positions to eligible casual workers after 12 months, will stay.

The bigger goal of these changes is to make things better for workers overall.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has been asking for a more reasonable definition of casual work, saying the current law takes away workers' rights. But business groups disagree and say the current system is clear, allowing casual workers to become permanent if they want to, even though most don't.

In the end, the government wants to create a fairer system where casual workers can choose to become permanent employees if they wish, while still keeping the option for flexible casual work for those who prefer it. They hope these changes will help both workers and employers and improve how things work for everyone in Australia's job market.

Whales team is closely following the updates on the legislative details, and we are ready to adapt our processes to ensure compliance and uphold the values set forth by the federal/state governments. We firmly believe that these changes will lead to a more equitable and balanced work environment, benefitting both our workers and the businesses we serve.

Whales Workforce remains committed to providing excellent service and fostering a workplace culture that respects the rights and preferences of our employees. We are excited about the potential positive impact of these reforms on the labour landscape, and we look forward to playing our part in creating a better future for all our members.


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