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Why Whales team never take a rest?

These good-looking boys are fully dedicated not only at work, but also on weekends.

What an admirable energy and stamina.

Stawell park offers a great spot for residents to vibe out where our fellow athletes often play touch rugby with other PLS workers from Samoa.

It has been only a month since these talented workers flew from Fiji and the Whales team is more than happy to see our team members getting along with the people from the local community.

In the meantime, some others are more down to

relieve their stress and tiredness spiritually.

This group is attending choir practices at a community church on a regular basis,

Religion takes up a significant part of our talents

as a strong drive in keeping themselves together as a family.

The whales team very much appreciates the kindness and

hospitality from Stawell United Church.

full of blessings but lack of hand stability😂

Last but not least,

one of our most stylish team leaders,

Farrell fastens his

shoelaces once a week for the game at the Ararat basketball court.

Ararat and Stawell region will be their home for the next 3 years.

Thankfully, the community has very well-established facilities for recreation, religion, and sporting activities.

Very proud of them for experiencing Australia through what they've always been loving to do.


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