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Whales Workforce Workers Celebrate 1st Anniversary Milestone

We are thrilled to announce that our workers in Ararat Meat Exports (Ararat, Victoria) and Woodward Food Australia (Swan Hill, Victoria) have celebrated their 1st anniversary of participation early this year. These were the first mobilisation groups of Whales Workforce as an Approved Employer, making this milestone even more special to our management team.

To commemorate this meaningful occasion, we had the opportunity to celebrate on the Easter weekend this year, in association with the local ethic community in Victoria. We shared food, drinks and entertainment, creating a memorable night for all in attendance.

Our management team took this opportunity to recognise and appreciate each individual's contribution, providing them with framed recognition/appraisal letters, and each team with a crystal award. They have played a crucial role in providing the core foundation for the team’s growth and good reputation within the industry. We highly regard their constant efforts in their positions as the major contributors to the team and the PALM scheme itself.

We are committed to aligning ourselves with the core values that the PALM scheme pursues and will continue to strive towards achieving excellence in our operations.

We look forward to many more successful years with our Whales Workforce workers and the continued support of our partners and stakeholders.


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